Our Coffee

Our Coffee

We roast all our coffee in house on our 2kg roaster.  Roasting small batches gives us optimum control over each aspect of roasting

We have created our seasonal "Crossbow Blend" primarily for espresso although it is also versatile enough as a filter coffee as well.

Being a seasonal blend we can be known to change up the origins used in our blend but our most desirable combination of origins consists of Ethiopian, Colombian and Brazil.

The base of a medium roasted Brazil combined with the subtleties of lighter roasted Colombian and Ethiopian it creates a more complex and rounded blend with a balance of fruits, bitterness and strength

Aside from our Crossbow Blend we also always offer these as single origins as well as our great quality decaf

If you're looking for a great blend to brew through your home espresso then start with out Crossbow Blend.  If its filter you prefer then start with our lighter roasts of Ethiopian, Colombian, or another of our alternatives in our online store